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Colorblind Chameleon is a psychedelic-rock

band based out of Milwaukee, WI and was formed in 2019 by Christian Porter ( Guitar/Lead Vocalist/Lyricist/Songwriter).

Their debut album,

Colorblind Chameleon: (Live in Minneapolis) was released in

the summer of 2021, and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more. 

Colorblind Chameleon has been featured in the Milwaukee based independent film, Scotch Tension, which premiered

in the Milwaukee Film Fest as an official selection.

Come vibe with us.


The Chameleons:

Christian Porter: Guitar/Lead Vocals

John Lenz: Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals

Peter Gauthier: Drums/Audio Production

-Keys(Recording Artist)

Ryder Haferman: Bass

Tlalok: Bass/Auxiliary Percussion

Kieran Porter: Bass/Auxiliary Percussion/Backup Vocals/

-Keys(Recording Artist)

Photo by Jordan Taylor

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